Aoran (Alan) Zheng (he/him) was born in Shenzhen (China) in 1998 and is a current Arts/Law student at the University of Sydney. In 2019, he is taking a year off from law studies to research the generational evolution of Chinese-Australian political identity under the supervision of Professor Rodney Smith in the School of Social and Political Sciences (Department of Government and International Relations).

Things to know

  • A spoon of lao gan ma + vinegar (40%) and soy sauce (60%) is the optimal dumplings dipping sauce
  • Occasionally I read books – hit me up with some book recommendations
  • I also make bird sounds – make me feel more relevant by following my bird sounds here


  • Published in the University of Sydney Union’s Best Club & Society Publication (2016)
  • Most Reliable Reporter, Honi Soit (2017)
  • Finalist, New York Times Case Competition (2018)
  • Editorial Team, Justice Action “Just Us” (June 2016 Vol 7 Federal Election Edition)
  • Contributor, SULS Biannuals (S1 and S2 2016)
  • Editor in-Chief, SULS Biannual “Between Black and White” (2017)
  • Core Reporter, USU Pulp Media 2017
  • Sub-Editor (Prose), ARNA Arts Students Journal (2017)
  • Sub-Editor (Poetry), ARNA Arts Students Journal Centenary Edition (2018)
  • Editor, Polity
  • General Editor, Inside Enterprise Journal (University of Sydney Business School) (2018)
  • Editorial Board, SULS Careers Guide (2018)